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WATER AND HEALTH Consensus Paper EN , IT

2023 - Hydroglobe Updatings

Evaluation of the effects of Lake Hévíz sulfur thermal water on skin
Ágota Kulisch, Zsuzsanna Mándó, Enikő Sándor, Zsuzsanna Lengyel, Anett Illés, János Kósa, Kristóf Árvai, Péter Lakatos, Bálint Tóbiás, Márton Papp, Tamás Bender

The effects of immersion in 42℃ thermal-mineral water on chronic low back pain
Ildikó Katalin Tefner, Tamás Bender, Judit Kleiber, Katalin Hodosi, Tamás Gáti

2022 - Hydroglobe Updatings

External application of water Rachin final
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Microbiota of the Therapeutic Euganean Thermal Muds with a Focus on the Main Cyanobacteria Species
B. Gris, L. Treu, R. M. Zampieri, F. Caldara, C. Romualdi, S. Campanaro, N. La Rocca

2021 - Hydroglobe Updatings

The effectiveness of balneotherapy and thermal aquatic exercise in postoperative persistent lumbar pain syndrome
Elif Yolgösteren, Sevinç Külekçioglu

Clinical efficacy of medical hydrology: an umbrella review
M. Antonelli et al.

Comparison of outpatient and inpatient spa therapy in knee osteoarthritis
Yasar et al.

2020 - Hydroglobe Updatings

Health resort and human immune response - How balneology can protect and improve health
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Alert for International Journal of Biometeorology
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2019 - Hydroglobe Updatings

The effects of Tiszasüly and Kolop mud pack therapy on knee osteoarthritis
Márta Király, Eszter Kovári, Katalin Hodosi, Péter V. Bálint, Tamás Bender

2018 - Hydroglobe Updatings

Investigation of Lake Hévíz Mineral Water Balneotherapy and Hévíz Mud Treatment
in Murine Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis Models

V. Tékus et al.

Amarante 13/06/2018 - 43 World Congress of ISMH
Francisco Maraver, Carla Morer Liñan, State University of Madrid ( Spain)

2017 - Hydroglobe Updatings

Prevention and Therapy of Type 2 Diabetes
What Is the Potential of Daily Water Intake and Its Mineral Nutrients?

Prof. Johannes Naumann et al.

Recent Medical Balneology and Spa Therapy Research
Prof. Karagulle's presentation

Sulphurous Mineral Waters: New Applications for Health
Paper from M.Carbajo and Francisco Maraver

Evaluation of the Effect of hévíz Mud in Patients with hand Osteoarthritis:
a Randomized, Controlled, Single-Blind Follow-Up Study

Prof. Tamas Bender's presentation

Adaptation of the osteoarthritis-specific quality of life scale
(the OAQoL) for use in Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Turkey

Prof. Tamas Bender's presentation

Appropriateness and efficacy of Spa therapy for musculoskeletal disorders.
A Delphi method consensus initiative among experts in Italy

Paper from La Sapienza University - Rome

2016 - Hydroglobe Updatings

Prof. Karagulle's presentation
Prof. Fioravanti's presentation

2015 Poland - Hydroglobe Updatings

Prof. Karagulle's presentation

2014 Rome - Hydroglobe Presentation

Hydroglobe Final Report: EN , IT
Press Conference Invitation

Hydroglobe Papers and Results


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