The Thermae Campus Project

The Thermae Campus Project aims to set up an integrated cross-disciplinary structure as reference point for the professional training and updating of specialists operating in hydroterapic, thalassotherapic and wellness centres at various levels.

The teaching methodologies are mainly practical and oriented to specific operational needs, complemented by online multimedia lessons.

Course planning takes advantage of the results of the WeSkill Project, co-founded by the EU Erasmus + Program.

The guidelines of our training initiative

To foster the European thermal tradition

Building on the pillars of the European spa tradition, the courses aim to develop innovative approaches and and appropriately implement the therapeutic and complementary treatments of integrated Thermal Medicine.

To integrate medical and wellness sciences

The courses have an olistic approach, providing practical training and updating to specialists with reference to the therapeutic role of the Thermae, as well as to the complex wellness processes (physical exercise, nutrition, methods aimed at appropriate lifestyles).

Focus on Technology, Management, and Quality Control

The learning of emerging technologies and modern managerial techniques allow to carry out an update of skills and to acquire new advanced knowledge to support future developments in the sector.
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Dr. Natalia Chaurskaya: natmo@mail.ru (Russian, French)
Dr. Simona Busato: simona.busato@libero.it (English, Italian)
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