SPA & Hot Springs in UK

SPA & Hot Springs


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SPA and Hot Springs in UK

UK Spa Association

The UK Spa Association (SPA-UK) supports and represents the spa industry sector.

This leading no-profit trade association, including operators, suppliers, therapists, architects, consultants and educational establishments, is the largest UK group of spa-related businesses.

The Roman Baths

Around Britain's only hot springs, the Romans built the finest religious spa in northern Europe. Natural hot water still flows in this great temple and bathing complex. The extensive remains and an important Roman museum lie beneath the Pump Room and Abbey Church Yard in the centre of Bath.

Hot water at a temperature of 46°C rises from the Sacred Spring, at the very heart of the site, at the rate of 1,170,000 litres (240,000 gallons) per day. In Roman times a great Temple was built next to the Spring dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva, a deity with healing powers.

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SPA & Hot Springs in UK

SPA & Hot Springs


Dr. Natalia Chaurskaya (Russian, French)
Dr. Simona Busato (English, Italian)

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