Karlovy Vary facilities


Karlovy Vary facilities

Visit Karlovy Vary, a spa town with more than 650-year-old tradition of balneology. Karlovy Vary is full of historical sites, monuments and interesting places. Karlovy Vary, the venue of major international events. Karlovy Vary, a place full of experiences and activities. Karlovy Vary, a great place for your vacation and therapeutic stay ...

Karlovy Vary

The Institute of Balneology Karlovy Vary was founded in January 2013. Its mission is education and training in balneotherapy medicine, raising the level of knowledge and education in the balneology and spa and the use of scientific knowledge in practice in the spas of the Region of Karlovy Vary.

That includes marketing support for the spas operators of Karlovy Vary and of the Region of Karlovy Vary.

Balneologisches Institut Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary facilities


Dr. Natalia Chaurskaya (Russian, French)
Dr. Simona Busato (English, Italian)

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