an EU project to improve the skills of SPA operators
and promote the European Wellness & Tourism market


The WeSkill Project for Sectoral Skills Development

The health and wellness trend has continued to grow across Europe as more individuals realize the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

The main challenge in the further development of the wellness tourism in response to the growing interest of tourists, as well as of the demand for wellness packages that include diversity of services is availability of qualified staff.

WeSkill project seeks to equip VET students and adults/employees from the sector with the needed skills, competences, modern training and didactic tools, thus to make wellness and spa tourism sector more appealing, sustainable, advanced and competitive in the EU area.

The Project main objectives

The main objectives of the project are the design of transnational curricula and
the creation of contents and e-learning systems in the thermal tourism and wellness sector

Specific goals of the Project

>> Updating of skills and new skills relevant to labour market in this sector and promote the mobility of the EU workforce

>> Matching skills and labour market needs, bridging the gap and improving synergy between the worlds of education and work
>> Equipping young people for the job market, fostering studying abroad in EU

>> Equipping adults/employees from the sector being trainees with the missing skills, by using a strong modern personalized didactic tool
>> Enhance job expectations of trainees through up-skilling of the young and adults

>> Make wellness and spa tourism sector more appealing, sustainable, advanced and competitive in the EU area

The Project Outcomes

Definition of skills gaps and training needs


Definition of skills gaps and training needs in the wellness and spa sector in seven project participating countries, including four countries beyond the partnership. Activity results:
  • Report on findings of skills gaps research in existing data sources
  • Report on survey findings
  • Report on findings of focus groups
  • Wellness and Spa sector skills gaps summary report

Multilingual Training Mobile App and E-learning platform


A Mobile App will be developed to deliver WP4 outputs to trainees as learning and testing tool.
The E-learning platform will store and manage documents and results from the mobile app, allowing teachers and trainers to review and evaluate the tests and exercises accomplished in the mobile app.
The platform will include a full set of additional training materials and information (digital lessons, video, audio files, text documents).

Curricula for skills development in the wellness and spa sector


Curricula for skills development in the wellness and spa sector designed for EQF level 4 related qualifications and learning materials supporting the curricula - handbook, theoretical exercises, presentations for classes, testing materials.
The E-learning support will be also important instrument for functioning the European Wellness and Spa Network for VET Excellence (EWSNET).

The Project Partners

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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