REMINDER: 14° European Patients' Rights Day - 18th & 19th November 2020

We are delighted to invite you to the 14th edition of the European Patients’ Rights Day that will be celebrated with a digital conference titled

"ONE health approach, MULTIPLE answers: citizens' engagement & stakeholders' actions to tackle antimicrobial resistance and sustain EU progress".

It will be kindly hosted by MEP Brando Benifei from S&D Group and virtually held on 18th November from 17:00 to 19:00 and on 19th November from 15:30 to 17:30.

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Medical Tourism in Russia!


Brexit and health care services in Europe

The following article deals with Brexit, health care services and pharmacies in the EU.

The columnist also interviewed Professor Alceste Santuari as one of the most prominent legal experts on these issues. Professor Santuari points out that there will be no single market for health care services until the Member States retain their powers in this field.

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Accordo fra EAPTC e Terme di Riolo

Le Terme di Riolo sono impegnate a promuovere una cultura medico-termale, al cui centro vi è la consapevolezza dell’essenzialità delle cure termali quali prestazioni sanitarie e del ruolo del paziente-fruitore.

Allo scopo di rafforzare questo approccio, le Terme di Riolo, nei mesi scorsi, hanno sottoscritto un protocollo d’intesa con l’Associazione europea dei pazienti e fruitori delle cure termali (www.eaptc.net). Tra le attività oggetto di questo accordo rientra anche l’organizzazione di eventi formativi, convegni e seminari.

Nell’ambito di quest’attività, l’Associazione e le Terme di Riolo hanno organizzato un seminario di approfondimento su "Le cure termali quali risposta efficace alle malattie respiratorie" con l'obiettivo di analizzare come le prestazioni termali possano rappresentare una valida soluzione alle malattie dell'apparato respiratorio. Su questo tema si confronteranno esperti del settore, medici, rappresentanti delle istituzioni pubbliche e rappresentanti delle associazioni dei pazienti.

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Towards an 'active welfare'

The era of ‘passive’ welfare is close to an end, as we can see in almost all countries, both in the west and elsewhere, and while thermal medicine enjoys modern consolidated and undisputed scientific validation, it needs to confront with the strict requirements of state budgets. An accurate strategy provides for the creation of ‘thermal health clusters’ in predefined regions, where observational studies can be carried out on the lifestyles of populations and on the relevant changes.

News from National Organisations

ACTIVE THERMALISM - The individual at the heart of care and as a driver of change

April 8, 2017 - European Meeting at Riolo Terme (Italy)

What is the psycho-physical and behavioural profile of the typical patient/user of thermal establishments? What possible areas for contact and collaboration exist between thermal centres and the associations for the protection of patients/users? What input can thermal care provide to the welfare offering?

The above questions will be addressed at the European meeting organized by EAPTC, in cooperation with Terme di Riolo to analyze the role of patients/users of thermal care and help ascertain whether and how a patient/userfocused approach can trigger innovation and the change of therapeutic resources.


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