Tunisia, Thalasso & Wellness


Tunisia, Thalasso & Wellness

Ministère de la Santé - Office National du Thermalisme et de l'Hydrothérapie

The Office of Thermalism is a non-administrative public establishment created in June 1975 and put under the supervision of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Handicrafts.

Its mission is to implement the governmental policy in the thermal sector and the bottled water sector.

La Tunisie du Bien-être

This modern portal presents the national resources and the activities and projects of the Thermalism Office, responsible for:
  • Proposing development programs for the thermal sector and the bottled water sector.
  • Examining projects relating to the creation of new establishments or the extension or conversion of existing ones in accordance with the law in force.
  • Proposing and implementing along with the concerned ministries:

    • A control policy relating to thermal activities, with the assistance of the Medical Committee.
    • A control policy relating to all the stages of bottled water production, with the assistance of the Permanent Bottled Water Committee.

  • Control of thermal establishments and water bottling plants in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health and the competent bodies.
  • Proposing spa service fees and bottled water prices at all stages to the relevant authorities.
  • Promoting vocational training in the sectors of thermalism and bottled water.
  • Undertaking a coordinated action with a view to promoting the thermal sector and the bottled water sector.
  • Carrying out or commissioning all types of technical, economic and financial studies.
  • Proposing all the measures necessary to a harmonious development of the thermal sector and the bottled water sector.

The Tunisian Thalasso Centers and their Websites

Tunisia, Thalasso & Wellness


Dr. Natalia Chaurskaya (Russian, French)
Dr. Simona Busato (English, Italian)

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