Moscow, June 5th 2016

70th birtday of the Rector of RMAT

FEMTEC has a long and concrete collaboration with the Russian International Academy for Tourism (RMAT - www.rmat.ru) developing teaching programs on SPA management, scientific meetings and workshops. RMAT supports the activities of FEMTEC, giving also facilities for its representative office in Moscow.

The Rector of RMAT, Prof. Evgenij N. Trofimov, is not only an excellent professional, but also a great manager.
For this reason, in occasion of his 70┬░ birthday, the FEMTEC Board of Directors gave him a Certificate of Merit and Honour, like a symbol of gratitude and exstimation. Best greetings to him from all the FEMTEC Family!

Evolution of the ISMH through its international conferences (1982-2015)

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The new blog www.termepatient.blogspot.com of Eaptc, the European Association of Patients and Users of Thermal Centres, is a responsible and critical tool for "proactive consumer involvement" in the development of hydrotherapy - the voice of patients and users of SPAs and wellness centres

Milan - May 11, 2016 www.termepatient.blogspot.com, the blog of Eaptc, the European Associationof patients and users of thermal centers, is launched today.

Established in December 2015, Eaptc - alongside its new blog - was conceived for the over 5 million people in Europe that use hydrotherapy with a variety of approaches, including innovative health-thermae insurance formats, with truly positive results in terms of health expectations.
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The 2nd International Congress on Thermal Medicine was held in Moscow on March 17-18, 2016, organized by The Scientific Research Institute of Medical and Thermal rehabilitation of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health. The Congress main topic was "use of natural factors as basic fundament of the medical treatments". Femtec is an active promoter of this Congress. See more , Invitation

The Chinese hot spring delegation attended the 68th FEMTEC Congress

Such kind of international exchanges enable China to learn the research and progress in the thermalism field from western counterparts and during this transition period currently faced by the domestic hot spring industry, advanced therapy and health products are particularly significant to us in practice.
During the congress, World Thermalism Forum (WThF), the highest level in the hot spring area of the world, was officially established. China, as one of the 18 sponsor nations, signed the memorandum together for the WThF establishment, which is regarded to have a great significance.
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Global Wellness Summit Identifies Top 10 Future Shifts in Wellness

Experts at Mexico City conference forecast that wellness will become more mandatory in more nations soon - that breakthroughs in epigenetics, stem cells and integrative medicine are near - and that "programmatic" workplace wellness will disappear.

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The Femtec webside has a new look

The Femtec website has been improved both graphically and technically.
Now the page loading is faster and the layout is compatible with smartphone screens, as you can see from the figure to the side.
These actions follow the suggestions given to our members, in order to have a more effective communication on new media and a better score from Google evaluation system (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/).

Balneological Congress of Polish Association of Balneology and Physical Medicine

Polanczyk (10-13th Sep 2015) with participation of international guests. Two sessions in English about the most important scientific attainments of balneology and thermal medicine in different countries on the world.
Subjects of other sessions (lectures and posters): advancements in balneology, physical therapy, balneochemistry, climatology, thermal geology and a special session about management in thermal institutions.
During this event Prof. Karagulle presented Hydroglobe Report Updatings

IV Iberoamerican Congress of Peloids

The Spanish Society of Thermal Peloids (SEPETER), the Iberoamerican Society of Peloids and Balneari Caldes de Boi are pleased to announce that the IV Iberoamerican Congress of Peloids (IV CIBAP BO├Ź2015) will be held on the premises of Balneari Caldes de Boi, in Caldas de Boi, Lleida, Spain, from 1 to 3 July 2015.

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Official opening of the International Research Centre of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC) at RMAT

Created upon initiative of the private higher professional training institute “International Russian Academy for Tourism” (RMAT) and of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC), the RMAT-FEMTEC International Research Centrewas officially opened on March 20, 2015 by professor Evgenij Nikolaevic Trofimov, dean of the Academy and political sciences graduate, as well as by professor Umberto Solimene, president of FEMTEC, at the premises of the RMAT branch in Moscow.
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