Training Courses in Balneotherapy at Guelma Thermal Centre (Algeria)

On July 8, 2017, the Medical Direction of the Algerian Thermal Centre Hammam EL Baraka at Guelma, managed by Dr. Ahmed Belaitar, organized the Ceremony for delivering the Certificate of partecipation to the First Algerian training Course on Balneotherapy.

This Course, under the patronage of the FEMTEC, is only the first step of the planned intense activity of the Algeria in the field of Balneotherapy.

During the Guelma event a video-conference was organized with the FEMTEC President, Prof. Umberto Solimene. He expressed the warmest congratulations to all participants and wishes for future concrete plans of Algerian balneotherapy development.

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We are sorry to announce that Dr.Guy Ebrard, President of the World Federation of Thermalism and Climatotherapy 1968-1998, died on 17 April, 2017.
The Board of Directors and all family of FEMTEC, in this very sad moment, remember him with great gratitude and estimate for his work, concerning the development of the thermalism in the world. I had the privilege to work with him and receive a lot of knowledge. It was a true MAESTRO.
Thanks, Dr.Ebrard!

The President of FEMTEC
Prof. Umberto Solimene

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The Baltic Republics join the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC)

Thermal facilities and accommodation infrastructures in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania aim at increasing the number of users and tourists

Riga – February 14, 2017. The international travel trade fair “BALTOUR 2017”, organized on February 4-6, 2017 in Riga (Latvia), hosted to a workshop sponsored by the Latvian Ministry of the Economy and focused on the present state and future perspectives of hydrotherapy and health tourism in the Baltic Countries.

Several nations introduced their facilities and the relevant care and wellbeing offering to the over 30 participating countries including, in particular, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania where, based on tradition and recent investments, thermal and wellbeing facilities have become quite attractive for broad areas of the European market.

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After a long disease, I inform you about the death of Prof. Mikhailo Loboda, vicar Vice-President of FEMTEC. He was also President of Ukrainian Association of Physical Therapy, Deputy of Ukrainian Parliament and a great expert in the thermal field.
I remember also his high human qualities. For several years he took part in FEMTEC activities bringing the large contribution of his experience.
All of us remember him with a great regret and thanks. Personally I lost an important friend. The FEMTEC Board and Executive Committee share the suffering of his family.
Prof. Umberto Solimene

Thierry Dubois (France) is the new President of ESPA (European Spa Association)!

His long and professional biography and his personality will be a great contribution for the world of thermalism.

The presidency and the board of directors of FEMTEC congratulate him and send the best wishes for a stronger collaboration between our institutions.

Prof. Umberto Solimene
FEMTEC President

Moscow, June 5th 2016

70th birtday of the Rector of RMAT

FEMTEC has a long and concrete collaboration with the Russian International Academy for Tourism (RMAT - www.rmat.ru) developing teaching programs on SPA management, scientific meetings and workshops. RMAT supports the activities of FEMTEC, giving also facilities for its representative office in Moscow.

The Rector of RMAT, Prof. Evgenij N. Trofimov, is not only an excellent professional, but also a great manager.
For this reason, in occasion of his 70° birthday, the FEMTEC Board of Directors gave him a Certificate of Merit and Honour, like a symbol of gratitude and exstimation. Best greetings to him from all the FEMTEC Family!

Evolution of the ISMH through its international conferences (1982-2015)

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The new blog www.termepatient.blogspot.com of Eaptc, the European Association of Patients and Users of Thermal Centres, is a responsible and critical tool for "proactive consumer involvement" in the development of hydrotherapy - the voice of patients and users of SPAs and wellness centres

Milan - May 11, 2016 www.termepatient.blogspot.com, the blog of Eaptc, the European Associationof patients and users of thermal centers, is launched today.

Established in December 2015, Eaptc - alongside its new blog - was conceived for the over 5 million people in Europe that use hydrotherapy with a variety of approaches, including innovative health-thermae insurance formats, with truly positive results in terms of health expectations.
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The 2nd International Congress on Thermal Medicine was held in Moscow on March 17-18, 2016, organized by The Scientific Research Institute of Medical and Thermal rehabilitation of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health. The Congress main topic was "use of natural factors as basic fundament of the medical treatments". Femtec is an active promoter of this Congress. See more , Invitation

The Chinese hot spring delegation attended the 68th FEMTEC Congress

Such kind of international exchanges enable China to learn the research and progress in the thermalism field from western counterparts and during this transition period currently faced by the domestic hot spring industry, advanced therapy and health products are particularly significant to us in practice.
During the congress, World Thermalism Forum (WThF), the highest level in the hot spring area of the world, was officially established. China, as one of the 18 sponsor nations, signed the memorandum together for the WThF establishment, which is regarded to have a great significance.
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