China and Japan: great Success of G3T

Read the report by the main coordinator and candidate V. President of FEMTEC Mr.Charles Davidson

The G3T in China and Japan went very well. China was incredible - it felt like a United Nations Hot Springs Congress meeting the way they set it up - wow. They had banners all over the place, instant posting of photos, even direct translation Chinese-English and English-Chinese.

They took it very seriously and did an incredible job. While I have directly thanked everyone in words and in writing, can you please also thank them as well as FEMTEC was a collaboration organisation.

I really enjoyed meeting Zhao Yongming your FEMTEC country representative for China. I have also asked him to join our board of the Global Wellness Institute Hot Springs Initiative and he has said he would be happy to do so (Jeff Wang is also a Chinese representative on our board but given the size of China and its rapid growth it would be good to have them both there).

The G3T In Japan also went well, however, about 5 days before the event the Ueda City and Nagano were struck with a typhoon that caused great damage. The Ueda City decided to cancel the event 3 days before it was due to start! We found another venue with the great help of the Mori Trust Company and ran the event at the Marriott hotel in the beautiful hot springs town of Shuzenji. It was one of the great famous hot springs towns of Japan.

We have some preliminary information on the G3T China and Japan up on the Hot Springs initiative web site but the full presentations are still going up on the site this coming week and the layout needs to also change a little. See here.

I attach here a copy of my short opening addresses in China and Japan and also a couple of collages from the events and post event trips to hot springs. These will give you a feel for the purpose of the events.

I am very happy with the result from these events which helped achieve international understanding through hot springs and spoke clearly about the importance of corporate responsibility to society.



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