Longevity & Vitality Medical Science: a new FEMTEC Commission

Main Coordinator, Francesco Marotta, M.D. Ph.D. (Japan, Dubai, Azeirbajan).

The undoubtedly growing trend of science along this line suggests us to create this new Commission. As we know, from in vitro, to in vivo and some initial pilot clinical work, there is a surge of papers on a daily basis on major indexing database. Not to mention the explosion of gut microbiota and its wide, and still only partly unfolded, effects on each and every body compartment, i.e. organs and functions.

Longevity is then becoming a credible quest, where countless labs in the world are ceaselessly investing efforts. Gut microbiota is giving us also an unmistakable message, i.e. our inside cannot do without the environment, so that the care of one implies that also the other. So, the healthy, beneficial environmental targets of FEMTEC, in our understanding, necessarily drags along an healthy body resetting-empowering function. Metagenomics (gut and human genomes) conjure up with plant genomics and environment-omics. Relevant Commissions such as Thermal therapy, Translatonal medicine or Integrative medicine are absolutely blending within this fascinating cultural milieu.

Nowadays, under the fast scientific moves reaching out for "credible", i.e. EB, Longevity, lab-designed pharmacological molecules, there is a wealth of life style modifications, novel molecular biological unfolding of natural and physical interventions, fine chronobiorythm interplays regulating our own synchrynology and "vitagenes", soil-gut microbiota crosstalk etc, all addressing a foreseeable healthy longevity strategy planning rationale.

Francesco Marotta (MD, PhD), expert working in Japan, Dubai, Azeirbajan, with an excellent CV (see here) has been nominated Coordinator General of this Commission.

Francesco Marotta, besides his own ceaseless interest in open-minded scientific interests, for example bringing talks on some of the above matters up to Harvard and McGill universities, can leave free-of-charge publication on our oldest historical International Journal of Probiotics and Prebiotics, editorials on other well-indexed journals where I act as Associate editor and, of course, our own international, no-profit ReGenera R&D International for Aging Intervention (www.regenerainternational.com) which is under proposal for EU registry. We are also, under his person, contract-bound affiliated with a motivated Preventive Medicine Promotion Foundation in Beijing (last meeting over 10.000 live connected) and in close cooperation with Functional Medicine-China Association. Moreover we are under scrutiny by a major, highly scientific Longevity circuit to act as country branch.



Dr. Natalia Chaurskaya natmo@mail.ru (Russian, French)
Dr. Simona Busato simona.busato@libero.it (English, Italian)

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