Rome - November 22nd, 2016

International Workshop on 'Water and Health'

A workshop was held in Rome last November, with major focus on benefits of water for human health.
In this event reports about 'Water in paediatric age' and 'The first handbook on hydration and children' have been presented.

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- Water in paediatric age
- The first handbook on hydration and children

International Conference on Science & Technology of Thermalism

A Congress devoted to science and technology of thermalism therapy and wellness. November 20-23, 2016 - Yverdon-les-Bains (Lausanne)
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The combined presence of the Haute École d'Ingénierie et de Gestion, active in top technology research, along with a thermal site known since the Roman Empire Era, elicited the idea of covening a new and original scientific and industrial event, expecially devoted to science and technology applied to thermalism, wellness and sport.

Curtain Up of 2016 Qingdao International Ocean Spring Forum Making th e Ocean Spring Town of China

On october 17th, the 2016 Qingdao International Ocean Spring Forum, guided by World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatherapy (Federation Mondiale du Thermalisme et du Climatisme, FEMTEC) and undertaken by China Tourism Association Hot Spring Tourism Branch, Tourism Associati on of Qingdao and Hot Spring Tourism Association of Qingdao, made its grand opening in Jimo. This forum is a key part of the 1st Qingdao (Jimo) Ocean Spring Festival and a key step to build t he Ocean Spring Town of China in Jimo.
Umberto Solimene, President of FEMTEC and Song Zon Gjun, Vice Mayor of Jimo made speeches in the ceremony with Zhao Yongming, Vice Secretary General of China Tourism Association Hot Spring Tourism Branch as the MC.
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3rd China Hot Spring Tourism Festival & 1st World Thermalism Forum

On October 13, the Third China Hot Spring Tourism Festival & the First World Thermalism Forum opened at the Gold Time Hotel in Bayuquan, Yingkou.

It was co-hosted by the China Tourism Association’s Hot Spring Tourism Branch and FEMTEC (the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy), and co-organized by the Tourism Administration of Liaoning Province and Yingkou Municipal People’s Government, Yingkou Bayuquan District People’s Government, Liaoning Province Tourism Association Snow & Ice Hot Spring Tourism Branch, and Yingkou Tourism Development Committee. Support for the event came from China Tourism News and China Hot Spring Tourism Media.

At 8:30am, the State Banquet Hall at the Gold Time Hotel filled up with guests and attendees. More than 40 representatives from 22 FEMTEC member countries including Italy, France, Russia, the UK, France, and Japan, along with domestic top-class hot spring tourism experts, representatives from member units of the China Tourism Association’s Hot Spring Tourism Branch, personnel from famous Chinese hot spring destinations such as Arxan and Mingyue Mountain, and representatives from tourism administrations of nearby cities such as Tangshan and Qiqihar.

Also present were representatives from service providers in China’s hot spring industry, delegates from Yingkou hot spring tourism enterprises, and figures from over 40 domestic mainstream media outlets including Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, CCTV, Wenhui Daily, and Ta Kung Pao. A total of 400 people attended.

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Chinese Summit on Thermalism

September 10th, Mingyeshan (China)

A great event of information and training for the chinese thermalists (businessmen, professionals, managers) took place in Mingyeshan (China) under the patronage of FEMTEC, with the partecipation of the President Prof. Umberto Solimene and V. President Gianni Gurnari.

This event was held in collaboration with CHTA (Chinese Hot Springs Tourism Association) and the regional Government of the Guandong Region. The partecipants approved a (DECLARATION).
See the Press Release.

Hydrotherapy lever for Sustainable Development

Rabat, September 17th 2016 at the Centre d'Accueil et de Conférences (CAC).

The first day of reflection on the Hydrotherapy in Morocco.
Organized by the Moroccan Association of Thermo-Mineral Sources
in partnership with FEMTEC and Les Eaux Minérales d'Oulmès.

See information and program.

August 26th 2016 - The President of Russian Federation, Vladîmir Putin, chaired the State Council Presidium meeting 'Thermal Cluster Belokurika' (Altai Region), focused on enhancing the investment appeal of Russian resorts.

The aims of the Council were to receive inputs for a general strategy in this sector from representatives of national and local Government, public and private investors, and specialists.

FEMTEC Representatives were present within a very closed number of invited speakers. Our V.President Prof A.Razumov (Russia) had the possibility to present concrete ideas and proposals coming from Russian Spa Association and Prof. U.Solimene FEMTEC President.

See the Meeting Report EN , RU

<< The Governor of the Altai Region Mr.A.Karlin introduces to the President Vladimir Putin the "Belokurika project 2", awarded by FEMTEC

All Russian Forum "Health Resorts 2016"

The XVI edition will take place in Kazan (Rep.Tartastan, Russian Federation) on 22-24 May 2016. It is organized by the Russian National SPA Association (NKA) with the support and partecipation of the most important scientific and administrative Institutions of the Russian Federation. FEMTEC is one of the main promotores.
The topic of the Scientific Symposium is "The strategic role of the Russian Medical Thermal Centers for the health's preservation and restoration" - See invitation

2015 Polanczyk, Poland

Congress of Polish Association of Balneology and Physical Medicine - September 10-13th 2015

FEMTEC at EXPO 2015 Milan - Hydration & Health, the hidden link

A FEMTEC consensus document with technical support of WHO
11th June 2015, 10.00-13.00 - EXPO Center (EXPO-2015)

FEMTEC (World Federation of Hydrotherapy) gathered in Milan-Expo2015 the authors of the Hydration Consensus Document, organising an international round table with representatives of WHO. The aim, relying on these scientific basis, is to launch a clear message: the improper hydration is deeply linked to many adverse health effects, and proper hydration should be a priority as proper nutrition. Therefore the public Organisations have to stress the role of hydration for an healthy lifestyle.
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