The First International Symposium
on Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism of China

Chongqing - October 16, 2018

With the vigorous support of Chongqing Municipal People's Government, the First International Symposium on Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism of China was held on October 16, 2018, jointly launched by World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC), China Hot Spring Tourism Association (CHTA), Chongqing Tourism Development Committee, Chongqing Meteorological Bureau, Beibei District of Chongqing Municipal People's Government, Chongqing Hot Spring Tourism Association and attracts many hot-spring and climatotherapy experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, media and relevant practitioners from China, Italy, Russia, Japan, Hungary, Switzerland and Poland to gather together in Chongqing Beibei.

Chongqing was awarded the honorary titles of ''Chinese Capital of Hot Springs'' and ''World's Capital of Hot Springs'' respectively in 2010 and 2012 for its reserve, development and utilization of geothermal resource. Over the years, Chongqing has been working on the creation of a world class hot spring tourist attraction and hydrotherapic resort. The convening of this Symposium will enable Chongqing to enhance its global presence and grow the brand awareness of the Ā“WorldĀ’s Capital of Hot SpringsĀ”.

The Symposium has seen the introduction of concepts and innovative ideas on hydrotherapy and climatotherapy for the first time in China, and this will bring more possibility for Chongqing to further promote the development of its therapeutic tourism. In the future, competent tourism authorities under Chongqing Municipal PeopleĀ’s Government will take the lead in carrying out the large exciting project, integrate online and offline therapeutic resources through tourism, connect therapy to all relevant industrial chains with tourism, and achieve physical and emotional healing by tourism.

In the future, our big data and intelligent introduction program will provide tourists with lifelong services that are capable of creating customer lifetime value. In particular, we will establish a database for every customer, follow up the data changes and provide intelligent and therapeutic services accordingly all year round. In addition, we will create a big data intelligentization office, so that global users can approach us via Internet, and our experts will make a comprehensive remote diagnosis by using cutting-edge technologies such as videoconferencing, come up with high-end and customized hydrotherapy and climatotherapy tourism solutions, and establish hi-tech data collection and mining systems.

It is believed that our program will be implemented in a fast and efficient manner in China, because the Chinese government will offer generous support and work together with enterprises closely to facilitate progress of the program and seek win-win ties. This is known as ''governments set up the stage, and enterprise put in the show'', meaning that all fundamental jobs will be done with the support from government agencies involved, and then the achievements will be transferred to enterprises for commercial operations so that it can serve the general public.

The whole program will be innovatively implemented by starting with the delivery of trainings. The purpose of our hydrotherapy and climatotherapy tourism program is to direct participants to live a quality life. Generally speaking, people work hard to live a quality life. However, many of them do not have clear ideas about what a quality life is, how they should think and what they can do, so they do not know how to make it happen. We hope that through ''trainings'' and ''educational programs'', we can offer participants clear guidance on how to live, so that they will be able to have a clear picture what their ideal quality life is, work for it, and live it and benefit from it.

We do believe that, by virtue of our mutual efforts and global accumulated resources,the establishing of a new-style hot spring industry cluster base that bears international demonstration significance, a combination between hot springs and climatohterapy and an integrated development of hot springs and cultural tours will be of ground-breaking significance for the development of the world hot spring industry, as well as a new contribution to all human beings health and welfare.

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