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2019 EVENTS WITH FEMTEC PARTECIPATION (more information available HERE)

GDPR 1 anno dopo: luci e ombre - Privacy, Cyber security e Protezione dei Dati Medici - 21 Februay (see more)
NeuroInformatica - Cognizione e Movimento - Umbertide (Perugia), 15 March (see more)
Balneology - Potential and Benefits for Human Health in an European Context - Ispra - April 11, 2109 (see more)
7th International Conference on Pharmacology and Ethnofarmacology - Amsterdam 27-29 March 2019
History of psychiatry and other behavioral sciences - Monsummano Terme (Italy), 26-27 April (see more)
FIM 2019 - Fisica a Informatica in Medicina - Milano 10-11 May (see more)
FEMTEC at the Forum "ZRAVNIDZA 2019" - 21-23 May 2019, Aluschta, Krimea see more
International Congress of Osteopaty - Moscow 14-16 June 2019 (see more)
ISMH Congress, Wieliczka (Poland) 13-16 June 2019
International Meeting on Balneology and Rehabilitation - Astana (Kazakhistan), 20-21 September (see more)
72nd FEMTEC Annual Congress - Halkidiki (Greece), 16-20 October
2nd Int. Symposium on Hydroth. and Climatoth. Tourism of China (Nov. 28-29) - Beibei District, Chongqing

"Rehabilitation Medicine and Health-Resort Institutions Development"

DU Ukrayinskyy Naukovo-Praktychnyy Medychnyy Tsentr Nevrolohiyi Ta
Reabilitatsiyi Ministerstva Okhorony Zdorovia Ukrayiny
All-Ukrainian Association of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Health Resorts
DP SanatoriyKoncha-Zaspa
informs that on 11 and 12 December 2019 will be held the
19th International Applied Research Conference

See more

China and Japan: great Success of G3T

Read the report by the main coordinator and candidate V. President of FEMTEC Mr. Charles Davidson

The G3T in China and Japan went very well. China was incredible - it felt like a United Nations Hot Springs Congress meeting the way they set it up - wow. They had banners all over the place, instant posting of photos, even direct translation Chinese-English and English-Chinese.

See more

Celebration of the Centenary
of Federterme 1919-2019

Wednesday 6 November at 3.00 pm

Federterme and FoRST are organizing the celebration of the first 100 years of activity through the most significant stages of the evolution of therapeutic thermalism and of the Italian thermal well-being of Federterme. The event will take place in the Zuccari Hall of the Senate of the Republic (Palazzo Giustiniani, Via della Dogana Vecchia 29 - Rome).

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The Great Victorian Bathing Trail Research Report

An initiative with the Femtec Support

The thermae of the "new world". This report provides an insight into the emerging thermal industry in the new world of Australia, while helping us link back to Aboriginal culture and their connection to hot springs stretching back over 60,000 years. With an open mind we can share in the learnings of the past and the present helping us reflect on the future we would like going forward. A world where we contribute to the ecology and the social fabric of life through our daily actions.

See more

FEMTEC main guest at TERMATALIA 19 (Ourense, Spain)

FEMTEC has been the main guest of TERMATALIA 19! The International Exhibition of Thermal Tourism, Health and Wellness, organized in Ourense (Galizia Spain), is one of the most important events in the world of balneology. Professional actions dedicated on different topics, sectors involving many practical topics, water culture a re the pillars of this exibition.

More than 260 Exhibitors from 40 Countries, 30 Health tour operators, 6000 professional visitors. Femtec has been represented by the Vice President Prof. Florana Menedez (Cuba), editor of the e-magazine Wellness Destiny www.wellnessdestiny.org.

See more

The 2nd International Symposium
on Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy
Tourism of China

November 28-29 (Thursday-Friday), 2019, in Beibei District, Chongqing

FEMTEC, in collaboration with his branch Asian-Pacific Institut of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy tourism in Chongqing, in order to further promote the development of Chongqing hot spring and climate health tourism industry, organizes the 2nd International Symposium on Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism of China, scheduled on November 28-29 (Thursday-Friday), 2019, in Beibei District, Chongqing.

See more


A new concrete collaboration for the development of Balneology in USA will be announced during the annual conference about hot springs, wich will take place in California the next month of November.

The conference is organized by the Hot Springs Connection with the participation of Femtec. See the Press release. More information HERE

4th G3T in China 12-13 October - 5th G3T in Japan 18-20 October

Join us for an invitation-only meeting of hot springs industry minds

Hot springs owners, operators, senior managers and researchers from across the globe discuss a range of industry issues and opportunities to collaborate and grow together, while immersed in ancient Chinese Hot Springs and Japanese Onsen culture.

See more

European Thermal (hot springs) Spa Trip
(Delegation from Australia)

During the first week of July 2019 Mr.Charles Davidson, FEMTEC Delegate from Australia and Director of the Peninsula Hot springs, in Mornington Peninsula did a professional visit to some important Thermal Centers of the North Europe with the organizing support of Femtec. This trip is included in the FEMTEC Delegates International program aiming to promote exchanges of experience.

At the same time, he ended up at the World Luxury Spa Awards in Saint Petersburg and won the Global Winner Luxury Mineral Spring Spa for Peninsula Hot Springs, while the New Zealand Hot Springs (called Maruia Hot Springs) won the Australasian Best Mineral Springs Spa and Australasian Best Luxury Eco Spa. It was a great finale to a very educational trip.

Congratulations to Charles and to all Collegues from the Femtec's family!

Umberto Solimene - President

On behalf of the Global Wellness Institute's Hot Springs Initiative and the board of the Bathe the World Foundation, we would like to invite you to join us in celebrating the culture of bathing that we all share.

World Bathing Day, on June 22, started in 2018 with 15 countries and about 50 hot springs participating. This year we are hoping to involve 30-50 countries and hundreds of hot springs ... read more

See the Website

World Health Organization 72nd Assembly

Femtec as NGO in official relations partecipated at the WHA 72, which took place in Geneva (20-26 May 2019), with a Delegation coordinate by the President Prof. Umberto Solimene.

The role of balneotherapy and the exercise sciences for the prevention and good styles of life has been underlined in the different topics discussed.

An intensive action plan of cooperation with FEMTEC has been planned.

See more

A new Member of the FEMTEC's Commission of Tourism &Health

László Puczkó, PhD, Director of Industry Intelligence Resources for Leisure Assets,Company located in Vienna (Austria) is a new Member of the Femtec's Commission of Tourism and Health. Over the past 20 years, Laszlo has honed his expertise in product development, experience mapping and design, impact assessment and marketing.

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Femtec Meeting in Cuba - April 2019

Great success of the event promoted by Femtec in collaboration with the Cuba Government and organized by Solymed.

Topics: the Chair of Health Tourism and the meeting of the Women Entrepreneurs.

The plantation of the friendship tree was included in this event.

See more here.

FEMTEC at the Forum "ZRAVNIDZA 2019"

21-23 May 2019, Aluschta, Krimea

In collaboration with the main Organizations of the Russian Federation, FEMTEC will support the Forum ZDRAVNIZA 2109, the most important Russian Federation event concerning the situation, the strategies and perspectives of the balneology in Russia.

It is promoted and organized by the National Russian Spa Association, under the Presidency of the Prof. Acc. Alexandr RAZUMOV, also V. President of FEMTEC.

More detailed information are in the web site http://rumed.ru.

A new important initiative in collaboration with FEMTEC
and South China Normal University of Guangzhou, China

Under the trend of the integration of culture and tourism and the integration of global economy, the hot spring tourism, which has been advancing all the way, wants to continue to accelerate, realize the industrial upgrading and transformation, and break through the technological innovation, which can not be separated from the intellectual support of academic and scientific research.

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Thermalism - Potentiality and benefits for human health in the European context

In the first half of 2019, the presidency of the Council of the European Union belongs to Romania and the Joint Research Center (JRC) of Ispra, organizes activities to promote the traditional and historical-cultural values of Romania.

In this context, the conference "DISCOVER ROMANIA: Thermalism - Potentiality and benefits for human health in the European context" was held in Ispra on April 11th 2019 with the support of the Romanian Balneology Association.

see more

UN World Health Day

We look at how monitoring air quality
can help with health and wellbeing.

Universal Health Coverage Meeting

United Nations General Assembly
23 September 2019

A new initiative of FEMTEC with UN
for a better healthy life.

See more

Balneology - Potential and Benefits for Human Health in an European Context

Joint Research Center - Ispra (Italy) - April 11, 2109

This Conference is related to the Romanian Semester of the Presidency of the EU and is organized by European Commission's Science and Knowledge Service.

Prof Umberto Solimene, President of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy (FEMTEC), is one of the Official Speakers.

See more

The World Water Day in Moscow

March 22nd, 2019

The World Water Day will be celebrated in Moscow with an unique event. Main topic: Balneology and Health.
FEMTEC will participate in this important initiative, in collaboration with the National Center of Balneology of the Russian Ministry of Health.
Other important dates related to the water are April 21st, the World Thermae Day, and June 20th, the World Bathing Day.

See more

The International Chair
of Tourism of Health and Wellness
in Havana

A new international initiative by FEMTEC

During the launch of the event on "Lifestyles and Wellness" (April 10-12 in Cuba), the International Chair of Tourism of Health and Wellness will be presented and opened.
It is promoted by Femtec in collaboration with local authorities of Ministry of Health, Medical Services of Cuba, Society of Medical Hydrology, Rehabilitation, Termalism and the support of the United Nations Office (UNIDO). It is aimed at training Caribbean and Latin American professionals in the Health Tourism and Medical Wellness sector.

see more

The Proceedings of the 71 Congress of FEMTEC (Batumi, Georgia)

are published in the Journal of the Kazhak Association of Physical Rehabilitation ( Question of Rehabilitaion and Physical Therapy).

Under the editing by Prof. S. Bulekbayeva, V. President of FEMTEC and President of the Association of Physical Rehabilitation of Kazakstan, the proceedings of the 71 Congress of FEMTEC (Batumi, October 2018) have been published. Many Experts from more than 20 Countries present their scientific works and plans on the topic Thermae 4.0.

see more

International Meeting
Development of Thermal Tourism in Algeria

February 18-19, 2019

The Algerian Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts, organized the International Meeting on the Development of Thermal Tourism in Algiers. This event aims to promote the thermal and wellness tourism in this country.

see more

Longevity & Vitality Medical Science: a new FEMTEC Commission

The undoubtedly growing trend of science along this line suggests us to create this new Commission. As we know, from in vitro, to in vivo and some initial pilot clinical work, there is a surge of papers on a daily basis on major indexing database.
Not to mention the explosion of gut microbiota and its wide, and still only partly unfolded, effects on each and every body compartment, i.e. organs and functions.

Francesco Marotta (MD, PhD), expert working in Japan, Dubai, Azeirbajan, with an excellent CV (see here), has been nominated Coordinator General of this Commission.

See more

A new initiative supported by FEMTEC in ZOUHAI-CHINA (December 2018)


After 10 years of collision and integration, the exchanges between China and the world become closer. The ''One Belt One Road'' Hot Spring Tourism Industry Cooperation Conference is a professional hot springs platform under the joint action of China Hot Spring Tourism Association, FEMTEC and the West Pacific Office of WTT.

See more

Chongqing Delegation in Budapest

On December 18, the Chinese delegation led by the vice mayor of Chongqing Municipal People's Government, China, Ms. Pan Yiqin, had a successful tourism promotion at Intercontinental Hotel.

Ms. Pan also had a very good conversation with the experts from the hot spring industry in Hungary on how to cooperate on hot spring industry between the two parties in the future.

Dr.I Fluck, Hon. Pres. of Femtec and Pr. P. Geher, President of the Hungarian Society of Balneology (on the right in the photo) partecipated with a rapport at this meeting, supported and organized in collaboration with Femtec.

3rd Edition of the exhibition

8-11 December 2018 at the Manege
near the Red Square (Center of Moscow)

This event, promoted by the Municipality of Moscow in collaboration with the Italian Agency for Tourism and organized by the Agency Prima Strada, has the mission to foster cultural touristic health and commercial exchanges between Italy and Russia. More the 50 thousand visitors are attended.
Several programs and meeting are planned.
One of the main topic is dedicated to the Italian offer for wellness and spa treatments.
Femtec will partecipate at the Scientific Symposium on Art-Therapy promoted by the Prof. G. Gigineishvili and the connected workshop with many Italian Thermal Spa.
The President Prof. Umberto Solimene will present the Italian spa system.

more details here

FEMTEC at the State Medical University "Sechenov"
International Forum and Workshops

Moscow 29 November 2018

On November 29th 2018, the Congress Center of First Moscow State Medical University, named after I.M. Sechenov, hosted the II International Medical Investment Forum (MMIF-2018). The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation traditionally takes part in this event due to the high importance of the health sector for the country economy.

Objectives to increase life quality and expectancy of Russian citizens were stated in the Address of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, fixed in the May decrees of the President.

See more

The russian government approved and launched the new strategy (2019-2025) for the National System of Balneology

FEMTEC is one of the Counsellors

The Russian Governement with the special decree dated on the 27 November 2018 approved a new strategy for developing the National System of Balneology.

This is the result after the meeting of the State Council on this topics, promoted by the President V.Putin in the August 2016. More than 1500 Thermal Centers (sanatoriums), private (65,%) and public (35%) are widespread throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and more than 15 millions of Russian citizens use this kind of medical treatment. Great investement are made in this economical sector.

Therefore a new regulation of the Balneology System is needed for updating the National register of the all the Balneological Centers, defining a regulation of the quality of natural resources and structures, doing researches in the field of Balneology, educating and training the staffs, giving the patients correct information.

The strategies has been formulated on the basis of the documents edited by a special intergovernamental Commission in wich is involved also FEMTEC and its President, Prof. U. Solimene.

More detailed information can be found in the Russian Government web site of the www.government.ru and RT ed. Russia.


New algorithms for health care,
sustainable development and tourism

In the era of the digital revolution, challenges for the revival of the image and contents of hydrotherapy begin in Batumi, Georgia, the ''Dubai on the Black Sea''.

Care and treatment protocols, based on scientific data and safety; use of advanced digital diagnostic and rehabilitation techniques; identification of new public and private management formats for thermal facilities; inclusion of hydrotherapy in national health schemes; refurbishment of facilities and staff training in the light of the new needs and socioeconomic changes under way across the world: these are some of the main issues that more than two-hundred experts from 23 Countries discussed and agreed during the 71st Congress of FEMTEC, the World Federation of Hydrotherapy, engaged in official relations with the World Health Organization.

During the Assembly, Vietnam and Australia joined the Federation and Prof. Umberto Solimene was unanimously confirmed as President for the 2019-2022 term.



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