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2019 EVENTS WITH FEMTEC PARTECIPATION (more information available HERE)

7th International Conference on Pharmacology and Ethnofarmacology - Amsterdam 27-29 March 2019
History of psychiatry and other behavioral sciences - Monsummano Terme (Italy), 26-27 April
International Congress of Osteopaty - Moscow 14-16 June 2019 (see more)
ISMH Congress, Poland,13-16 June 2019
72nd FEMTEC Annual Congress - Halkidiki (Greece), 16-20 October

72nd Annual Congress of FEMTEC

In the period 16-20 October 2019 the 72nd Annual Congress of FEMTEC will take place in Greece at the Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort - Halkidiki.

The main topic:

Thalassotherapy and Balneology:
a strategic alliance for the health care and economical development

Soon more detailed information.

A new initiative supported by FEMTEC in ZOUHAI-CHINA (December 2018)


After 10 years of collision and integration, the exchanges between China and the world become closer. The ''One Belt One Road'' Hot Spring Tourism Industry Cooperation Conference is a professional hot springs platform under the joint action of China Hot Spring Tourism Association, FEMTEC and the West Pacific Office of WTT.

See more

Chongqing Delegation in Budapest

On December 18, the Chinese delegation led by the vice mayor of Chongqing Municipal People's Government, China, Ms. Pan Yiqin, had a successful tourism promotion at Intercontinental Hotel.

Ms. Pan also had a very good conversation with the experts from the hot spring industry in Hungary on how to cooperate on hot spring industry between the two parties in the future.

Dr.I Fluck, Hon. Pres. of Femtec and Pr. P. Geher, President of the Hungarian Society of Balneology (on the right in the photo) partecipated with a rapport at this meeting, supported and organized in collaboration with Femtec.

3rd Edition of the exhibition

8-11 December 2018 at the Manege
near the Red Square (Center of Moscow)

This event, promoted by the Municipality of Moscow in collaboration with the Italian Agency for Tourism and organized by the Agency Prima Strada, has the mission to foster cultural touristic health and commercial exchanges between Italy and Russia. More the 50 thousand visitors are attended.
Several programs and meeting are planned.
One of the main topic is dedicated to the Italian offer for wellness and spa treatments.
Femtec will partecipate at the Scientific Symposium on Art-Therapy promoted by the Prof. G. Gigineishvili and the connected workshop with many Italian Thermal Spa.
The President Prof. Umberto Solimene will present the Italian spa system.

more details here

FEMTEC at the State Medical University "Sechenov"
International Forum and Workshops

Moscow 29 November 2018

On November 29th 2018, the Congress Center of First Moscow State Medical University, named after I.M. Sechenov, hosted the II International Medical Investment Forum (MMIF-2018). The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation traditionally takes part in this event due to the high importance of the health sector for the country economy.

Objectives to increase life quality and expectancy of Russian citizens were stated in the Address of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, fixed in the May decrees of the President.

See more

The russian government approved and launched the new strategy (2019-2025) for the National System of Balneology

FEMTEC is one of the Counsellors

The Russian Governement with the special decree dated on the 27 November 2018 approved a new strategy for developing the National System of Balneology.

This is the result after the meeting of the State Council on this topics, promoted by the President V.Putin in the August 2016. More than 1500 Thermal Centers (sanatoriums), private (65,%) and public (35%) are widespread throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and more than 15 millions of Russian citizens use this kind of medical treatment. Great investement are made in this economical sector.

Therefore a new regulation of the Balneology System is needed for updating the National register of the all the Balneological Centers, defining a regulation of the quality of natural resources and structures, doing researches in the field of Balneology, educating and training the staffs, giving the patients correct information.

The strategies has been formulated on the basis of the documents edited by a special intergovernamental Commission in wich is involved also FEMTEC and its President, Prof. U. Solimene.

More detailed information can be found in the Russian Government web site of the www.government.ru and RT ed. Russia.


New algorithms for health care,
sustainable development and tourism

In the era of the digital revolution, challenges for the revival of the image and contents of hydrotherapy begin in Batumi, Georgia, the ''Dubai on the Black Sea''.

Care and treatment protocols, based on scientific data and safety; use of advanced digital diagnostic and rehabilitation techniques; identification of new public and private management formats for thermal facilities; inclusion of hydrotherapy in national health schemes; refurbishment of facilities and staff training in the light of the new needs and socioeconomic changes under way across the world: these are some of the main issues that more than two-hundred experts from 23 Countries discussed and agreed during the 71st Congress of FEMTEC, the World Federation of Hydrotherapy, engaged in official relations with the World Health Organization.

During the Assembly, Vietnam and Australia joined the Federation and Prof. Umberto Solimene was unanimously confirmed as President for the 2019-2022 term.



400 Global Travel Agents focus on Chongqing Inbound Tourism

On November 14, 2018, main sub-events of the Chongqing Global Travel Agents Conference 2018 took place in Chongqing, China. The event hosts are the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development and the People's Government of Nan'an District. Themed with "inbound tourism", it promotes to build Chongqing into the pioneer of opening up in hinterland China and a world famous tourist destination, thus boosting the municipal inbound tourism in a faster and better way.

See more

After the International Symposium FEMTEC
on Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy in Chong Qing

In relation with the re-structure program of the government offices in China, Mr. Liu Qi, one of the main Promoters and Organizators of  the FEMTEC event in Chong Qing, was appointed as the Director of Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture & Tourism Development instead of only tourism industry before. He will take care the industries including tourism, culture, broadcasting, the Culture Heritage Bureau.
Mr. Liu Qin is the expression of the new generation of public managers,with open mind,experience and modern competence.
The ''world family'' of FEMTEC send him the best congratulations and wishes!

Mr. Liu Qin in the Centre, on his right the V.Mayor of Chong Qing,mrs Pan Yiqin

The First International Symposium
on Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism of China

Chongqing - October 16, 2018

With the vigorous support of Chongqing Municipal People's Government, the First International Symposium on Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism of China was held on October 16, 2018, jointly launched by World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC), China Hot Spring Tourism Association (CHTA), Chongqing Tourism Development Committee, Chongqing Meteorological Bureau, Beibei District of Chongqing Municipal People's Government, Chongqing Hot Spring Tourism Association and attracts many hot-spring and climatotherapy experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, media and relevant practitioners from China, Italy, Russia, Japan, Hungary, Switzerland and Poland to gather together in Chongqing Beibei.


Global Thermal Think Tank

Hot springs owners, operators, senior managers and researchers from across the globe meet to discuss a range of industry issues and opportunities to collaborate and grow together. FEMTEC and EAPTC will participate in this event.

See the Program

Selenium Wellness - Mingyue Emotion

The 3rd World Thermalism Town
(Mingyueshan) Summit - Sept 21, 2018

The Summit grand opening, guided by FEMTEC, organized by China Hot Spring Tourism Association, Yichun Mingyueshan The 12th Moon Culture Tourism Festival Organizing Committee jointly.

Very appreciated the participation and the speech of the President of FEMTEC Prof. Umberto Solimene, who presented the FEMTEC activities and the next Congress, wich will take place in Batumi (Georgia) on the topic ''THERMAE 4.0''.

See more - See the Gallery

Lancement de Formation Certificats d'Études Complémentaires
en Thermalisme-Thalassothérapie-Hydrologie-Climatothérapie en Tunisie

En Tunisie le thermalisme c'est un héritage millénaire. Afin de préserver la bonne position de la Tunisie à l'échelle mondiale en matière de thermalisme et de thalassothérapie et dans le cadre de la contribution au développement et à la promotion du tourisme médical et du bien être, la faculté de Médecine de Monastir s'est engagée dans la formation spécialisée en médecine thermale dans l'optique de promouvoir la qualité des soins dans les établissements thermaux et les centres de Thalassothérapie.

See more

International Summer School
at Medical State University
of Orenburg (Russian Federation)

FEMTEC - Main Lecture on Balneology

An International Summer school, dedicated to personalized medicine, integrated medicine and innovation, took place at the Medical State University of Orenburg in the period 19-24 August. A special session was organized for balneology and rehabilitation: invited speaker Prof. Umberto Solimene, President of FEMTEC.




new activities and collaborations!

see here

A FEMTEC-Chongqing Cooperation Agreement has been signed in Zurich

During the Forum on Economic and trade Cooperation (Zurich - 17 July 2018) FEMTEC signed an important cooperation agreement with the Chongqing Municipality (China).
FEMTEC has a long hystory collaboration since 2012 with the City of Chongqing, where an important international Congress has been organized.

This agreement is strategic in many respects. The main purposes are: to create an Asian Regional Coordinating Office of FEMTEC, an Institute for Integrate Balneology Research, an International Training Centers for medical nurses working in the hot springs.



A great scientific-commercial Forum, ITALY MEETS CAUCASUS, has been organized in several cities of the North Caucasus (Russian Federation) under the patronage of the Italian Embassy in Moscow, the Confindustria, FEMTEC, and other important Institutions.

During this event the President of Femtec, Prof. Umberto Solimene (also representing Dr. Giuseppe Bellandi, President of EHATTA and Mayor of Montecatini terme), and the Governor of Stavropol Region, Vladimir Vladimirov, have signed an agreement of collaboration with the European Association of Historic Thermal Towns (EHTTA) - See Gallery 1. The signature took place at the presence of the Italian Ambassador to Russia, H. Exc. Pasquale Terracciano. This agreement opens many collaboration opportunities in the Balneology, Health Tourism and Technology fields. On this basis the thermal City of Kizlovodsk is the first Russian center participant at the cultural routes of Europe.

An architecture exhibition on the spa design (150 works) was organized in the occasion of this event: special jury has choiced the best works (See Gallery 2). The event had an excellent organization thanks to the Italian Hon. Consul Paolo Lodigiani.


The "Thermal Clusters System" in health care strategies 2018-24 in the Russian Federation

The Nation's Health. Development priorities for Russia, promoted in collaboration of the Ministry of Health in cooperation with major Russian medical institutions, the 4th International Symposium on the role of Thermal Medicine in prevention, care, and rehabilitation. Within the government scheme framework. May 31, 2018 - Moscow.


The Chairs of the Forum (from the left ): Joao BREDA, Chief of The WHO Office in Russia, Umberto Solimene (President of FEMTEC), Natalia Starzeva (Director of the National Res.Centre of Balneology - Moscow).

ALL-RUSSIAN FORUM "Zdravnitsa-2018"

Kizlovodsk - Stavropol Region (Russian Federation)
27 29 May 2018

Main topics of this initiative are public-private joint investments, quality of the environment, personnel training and qualification, thermal clusters.

More than 400 hundred participants, 94 thermal centers and medical companies, 70 scientific speeches on different topics of thermal medicine: these are the figures of the Zravnidza 18,one of the most important Russian exhibition on thermal medicine.

FEMTEC has been involved as a participant to the Program Development Strategies of Russian Federation thermal centers for National Health.

SEE MORE: 1 , 2


Pyatigorsk (Caucasian Region, Russia) - 3-4 May 2018

One of the most important thermal cluster of the world, a great Forum on the health tourism and thermal medicine, has took place in the City of Pyatigorsk under the Patronage of the Russian Ministry of Health, the Scientific Center of Medical Technical Pharmacology, the National Center for Researches in Thermal Medicine and others important Institutions and in collaboration with FEMTEC.

More then 200 hundred specialists had the possibility to exchange experiences and researches.
During the Forum the FEMTEC President, Prof Umberto Solimene and the Rector of the Institute of Medical Technical Pharmacology, Prof. Vsevolod Adzhienko, have signed a Memorandum of Collaboration in different fields of activities. One of these is dedicate to the organization of training Courses on ''Integrated management for thermal Centers''.

Press: 1 , 2 , 3

International Scientific Forum on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

to the 30th anniversary of the sanatorium "White Nights" - IMC "SOGAZ"
19-20 April 2018 St. Petersburg with FEMTEC participation

Research, innovation, and development in the field of thermal, physical, and rehabilitation therapy, alongside their possible practical applications, were the main topics discussed at the Forum in St. Petersburg, attended by highly qualified specialists from 18 Countries.


FEMTEC confirmed to be in official relations with WHO!

Following the decision EB142(9) of the WHO Executive board in January 2018, with the official letter from Dr Gaudenz Silberschmidt, Director of Partnerships and Non State Actors, the decision taken by the Executive board regarding official relations of FEMTEC with WHO is confirmed.

Thanks to the work by the Members of the executive board and the Collaborators from the Countries Members. This is a great honour for all of us: we will continue with competence and entusiasm to support the WHO Strategies. (See www.femteconline.org/femtec-who)


The International Summit Labirinto d'Acque will be held at Franco Maria Ricci's Labirinto della Masone (Fontanellato-Parma, IT) under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic and of the European Parliament: four days of important conferences and encounters, dedicated to the theme of water as present and future planet resource.
This framework will include the International Workshop Research, Development, and Innovation of Thermal Medicine: see the Programme , see more

Opportunities for broad collaboration

Visit (January 15-18, 2018) of President Solimene to Minsk in view of a collaboration in hydrotherapy (research, staff training, care and wellbeing processes) and in speleotherapy, using the facilities of the Republic of Belarus.

See more

Second Summit of World Thermalism Town

World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy, China Hot Spring Tourism Association and China Golden Hot Spring Award Organizing Committee will work together to organize this international Hot Spring Wellness Forum for professionals.

See more

IV Symposium of Art Therapy

Moscow, Academy of Arts, December 25 2017

The Symposium, chaired by Prof. G. Gigineishvili and U.Solimene, took place the 25 December in Moscow at the Russian Academy of Arts, under the patronage of FEMTEC.

The Symposium aimed to draw the attention to the problem of oncology, in particular, the diseases of breast, to increase the effectiveness of the introduction of new technologies for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation of patients with breast cancer.

See more

FEMTEC Conference - 15-20 October 2017


Status, proposals, and strategies for health care and local development

SPECIAL EVENT celebrating the 80 years of FEMTEC activity
See abstracts, proceedings and other information HERE

3rd International Congress of Art-Therapy - Moscow, June 6th, 2017

The International Center of Art-Therapy, directed by Prof.Georghi Gigineishivili, artist and medical doctor, will organize its 3rd International Congress, that also includes the integration of Art-Therapy and thermal Medicine. This event has the patronage of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation and is developed in collaboration with the Academy of Art, Unesco, FEMTEC, WHO.
The workshop is a satellite event of the 42 Congress of the ISMH, held in Moscow, chaired and organized by Prof. Nazim Badalov of the National Center of Thermal Medicine and Rehabilitation. See the site.

Art-Therapy is one of the new trends in the field of psyco phisical rehabilitation and FEMTEC has a special Commission on Art-Therapy, coordinated by Prof. Gigineishvili. Prof.Umberto Solimene, President of FEMTEC, is invited speaker to the Conference.

See more

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